Q. Does TTFA offer payment plans for their certifications. 
A. Yes there are payment plans available for most of the certifications offered by TTFA
Q Is TTFA based in Trinidad and Tobago?
A.Yes, TTFA is based in Trinidad and Tobago. However, the organisation is internationally recognized and accredited.

Q. What is the main function of TTFA?
A.TTFA has one primary function, and that is to raise the standards of health and fitness by providing opportunities to individuals or groups in the Caribbean region through our international affiliations.

Q. How long has TTFA been in existence?
A. TTFA was established in 2002.

Q. Are your certifications internationally recognized?
A. Yes, all TTFA certifications are internationally accredited.

Q. Is TTFA owned by one person?
A. No TTFA is managed by a Board of Directors