Adaptive Performance Training

  • Introducing participants to performance training
  • Introduction and usage of performance training tools
  • Technical applications
  • Relative components of fitness
  • Performance program components
  • Understanding performance program design
  • Safety and injury prevention
  • Motivation

Eight hour Theory and Practical Workshop
8 CECs

  • In-person only
  • 8Hours
  • $125USD


Ground Force Exploration G.F.E. Workshop

  • Have you ever wondered why you or your clients don’t move as well as you use to or would like to?
  • Ever thought about finding out why and what to do about it?

If you did, this is the 7 CEC “clinical workshop” for you!
Spend the most revealing 5 hours with G.F.E. Master Trainers and FMS certified personnel learning how to: Identify the movement restrictions preventing you from moving well by:

  • Implementing A Movement Screen (Move well , perform better , prevent injuries down the road)
  • Learn how to Interpret The Screen’s Feedback (You don’t have to be a Doctor to understand)
  • Understand how to Select and Implement Corrective Movement Strategies to counter the identified movement issues (Simple fixes to complicated problems)
  • 8 CECs
  • In-Person & Online
  • 5hours
  • $140USD

Training During Pregnancy Workshop

Be on top of your training programs by better understanding ACOG's Clinical Guidelines for training and pregnancy and implement ACSM's training guidelines for safe and effective training during this amazing period of life.
This workshop is designed to provide life-changing information for Personal Trainers, pregnant persons, persons planning on becoming pregnant and anyone who wants to truly understand scientific best practices for Training During Pregnancy.

  • 10 CECs
  • In-Person & Online
  • 6Hours
  • $150.00USD


Introduction to Kettlebell Workshop

This is a free practical workshop for persons interested in learning and deepening their understanding about Kettlebell technique & training and is a “prerequisite” for persons wishing to participate in the Professional Kettlebell Instructor Certification.
With emphasis on Safety, Technique and Program Design, it provides the best foundation for kettlebell enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  • 2 CECs
  • In-Person & Online
  • 4Hours
  • FREE $00.00

Training Program Design Workshop

The Training Program Design Workshop, is tailored for fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike who are eager to delve into the intricacies of creating effective and personalized workout programs. Led by our expert trainers, this workshop provides in-depth knowledge on exercise science, program design principles, client assessment techniques, and the integration of diverse training modalities. Participants will gain valuable hands-on experience in structuring tailored workouts for clients with varying fitness levels and goals, setting them on the path to becoming highly skilled and sought-after personal trainers.

  • In-person & Online
  • 10 CECs
  • 6Hours
  • $150.00USD

Fitness Kick Boxing Workshop

This workshop focuses on honing technique, fostering leadership skills, and providing in-depth knowledge of fitness kickboxing principles. Through a dynamic blend of practical training and theoretical understanding, participants will gain the expertise needed to lead engaging and effective fitness kickboxing classes. Our workshop aims to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment, equipping individuals with the tools to inspire and motivate others toward their fitness goals.

  • In-person & Online
  • 8 CECs
  • 6Hours
  • $140.00USD